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# Poster Title Authors
1 An Error Driven Approach to Query Segmentation Wei Zhang; Yunbo Cao; Chin-Yew Lin; Jian Su; Chew Lim Tan
2 Scaling Matrix Factorization for Recommendation with Randomness Lei Tang; Patrick Harrington
3 An effective class-centroid-based dimension reduction method for text classification Guansong Pang; Huidong Jin; Shengyi Jiang
4 Zero-cost Labelling with Web Feeds for Weblog Data Extraction George Gkotsis; Karen Stepanyan; Alexandra Cristea; Mike Joy
5 Content Extraction using Diverse Feature Sets Matthew Peters; Dan Lecocq
6 Link Prediction in Social Networks Based on Hypergraph Dong Li; Zhiming Xu; Sheng Li
7 Inferring Audience Partisanship for YouTube Videos Ingmar Weber; Kiran G V R; Erik Borra
8 Popularity Prediction in Microblogging Network: A Case Study on Sina Weibo Peng Bao; Hua-Wei Shen; Junming Huang; Xue-Qi Cheng
9 Cross-Region Topic-based Collaborative Filtering for New Point-of-Interest Recommendation Ning Zheng; Xiaoming Jin
10  Modeling Uncertain Provenance; Provenance of Uncertainty in W3C PROV Tom De Nies; Sam Coppens; Erik Mannens; Rik Van de Walle
11 Synthetic Review Spamming; Defense Alex Morales; Huan Sun; Xifeng Yan
12 Scalable Processing of Flexible Graph Pattern Queries on the Cloud Padmashree Ravindra; Kemafor Anyanwu
13 Incorporating Author Preference in Sentiment Rating Prediction of Reviews Subhabrata Mukherjee; Gaurab Basu; Sachindra Joshi
14 Correlation Discovery in Web of Things Lina Yao; Quan Z. Sheng
15 The Power of Local Information in PageRank Marco Bressan; Enoch Peserico; Luca Pretto
16 Introducing search behavior into browsing based models of page’s importance Maksim Zhukovskiy; Andrey Khropov; Gleb Gusev; Pavel Serdyukov
17 REDACT: A Framework for Sanitizing RDF data Jyothsna Rachapalli; Vaibhav Khadilkar; Murat Kantarcioglu; Bhavani Thuraisingham
18 Harnessing Web Page Directories for Large-Scale Classification of Tweets Arkaitz Zubiaga; Heng Ji
19 Traffic Quality based Pricing in Paid Search using Two-Stage Regression Rouben Amirbekian; Ye Chen; Alan Lu; Tak Yan; Liangzhong Yin
20 Semantically Sampling in Heterogeneous Social Networks Cheng-Lun Yang; Perng-Hwa Kung; Chun-An Chen; Shou-De Lin
21 Computing semantic relatedness from human navigational paths on Wikipedia Philipp Singer; Thomas Niebler; Markus Strohmaier; Andreas Hotho
22 Predicting Relevant News Events for Timeline Summaries Giang Binh Tran; Mohammad Alrifai; Dat Quoc Nguyen
23 Scalable K-Nearest Neighbor Graph Construction Based on Greedy Filtering Youngki Park; Sungchan Park; Sang-goo Lee; Woosung Jung
24 Board Coherence in Pinterest: Non-visual Aspects of a Visual Site Krishna Kamath; Ana-Maria Popescu; James Caverlee
25 Fragmented Social Media: A Look into Selective Exposure to Political News Jisun An; Daniele Quercia; Jon Crowcroft
26 Sampling Bias in User Attribute Estimation of OSNs Hosung Park; Sue Moon
27 Reranking; Clustering to Improve Microblog Retrieval Jesus Alberto Rodriguez Perez
28 Towards Focused Knowledge Extraction: Query-based extraction of structured Summaries Besnik Fetahu; Bernardo Nunes; Stefan Dietze
29 Numeric Query Ranking Approach Jie Wu; Yi Liu; Ji-Rong Wen
30 Collaborative Filtering Meets Next Check-in Location Prediction Defu Lian; Vincent Wenchen Zheng; Xing Xie
31 Learning to Shorten Query Sessions Cristina Ioana Muntean; Franco Maria Nardini; Fabrizio Silvestri; Marcin Sydow
32 Framework for Evaluation of Text Captchas Achint Thomas; Kunal Punera; Lyndon Kennedy; Belle Tseng; Yi Chang
33 A Probability-based Trust Prediction Model using Trust-Message Passing Hyun-Kyo Oh; Jin-Woo Kim; Sang-Wook Kim; Kichun Lee
34 Collective Matrix Factorization for Co-clustering Mrinmaya Sachan; Shashank Srivastava
35 Utility Discounting Explains Informational Website Traffic Patterns Before a Hurricane Benjamin Priest; Kevin Gold
36 The Atomic Web Browser Cesare Pautasso; Masiar Babazadeh
37 Link Recommendation for Promoting Information Diffusion in Social Networks Dong Li; Zhiming Xu; Sheng Li; Katia Sycara; Anika Gupta
38 Walk; Learn: A Two-Stage Approach for Opinion Words; Opinion Targets Co-Extraction Liheng Xu; Kang Liu; Siwei Lai; Yubo Chen; Jun Zhao
39 TCRec: Product Recommendation via Exploiting Social-trust Network; Product Category Information Yu Jiang; Jing Liu; Xi Zhang; Zechao Li; Hanqing Lu
40 Complexity; Algorithms for Composite Retrieval Sihem Amer-Yahia; Francesco Bonchi; Carlos Castillo; Esteban Feuerstein; Isabel Mendez-Diaz; Paula Zabala
41 The ACE Theorem for Querying the Web of Data Jürgen Umbrich; Claudio Gutierrez; Aidan Hogan; Marcel Karnstedt; Josiane Xavier Parreira
42 XML: Looking Backward Pierre Geneves; Nabil Layaida
43 Political Hashtag Hijacking in the U.S. Asmelash Teka Hadgu; Kiran Garimella Venkata R; Ingmar Weber
44 Discovery of Technical Expertise from Open Source Code Repositories Rahul Venkataramani; Atul Gupta; Allahbaksh Asadullah; Basavaraju Muddu; Vasudev Bhat
45 Regional Analysis of User Interactions on Social Media in Times of Disaster Takeshi Sakaki; Fujio Toriumi; Kosuke Shinoda; Kazuhiro Kazama; Satoshi Kurihara; Itsuki Noda
46 Lists as Coping Strategy for Information Overload on Twitter Simon de La Rouviere; Kobus Ehlers
47 Power Dynamics in Spoken Interactions: A Case Study on 2012 Republican Primary Debates Vinodkumar Prabhakaran; Ajita John; Doree Seligmann
48  Improving Consensus Clustering of Texts using Interactive Feature Selection Ricardo Marcacini; Marcos Aurélio Domingues; Solange Rezende
49 To Crop, Or Not to Crop: Compiling Online Media Galleries Thomas Steiner; Christopher Chedeau
50  Learning Multilingual Concepts from Unaligned Web Documents by Exploring Associating Images Xiaochen Zhang; Xiaoming Jin
51  QMapper: A Tool for SQL Optimization on Hive Using Query Rewriting Yingzhong Xu; Songlin Hu
52  Domain-sensitive Opinion Leader Mining from Online Review Communities Qingliang Miao
53  A Non-Learning Approach to Spelling Correction in Web Queries Jason Soo
54  RepRank: Reputation in a Peer-to-Peer Online System Zeqian Shen; Neel Sundaresan
55  Dynamic Evaluation of Online Display Advertising with Randomized Experiments: An Aggregated Approach Joel Barajas; Ramakrishna Akella; Marius Holtan; Jaimie Kwon; Aaron Flores; Victor Andrei
56  New Features for Query Dependent Sponsored Search Click Prediction Ilya Trofimov
57 The STAC (Security Toolbox: Attacks & Countermeasures) ontology Amelie Gyrard; Christian Bonnet; Karima Boudaoud
58 Towards Leveraging Closed Captions for News Retrieval Roi Blanco; Gianmarco De Francisci Morales; Fabrizio Silvestri
59 Learning to Annotate Tweets with Crowd Wisdom Wei Feng; Jianyong Wang
60 To Follow or Not To Follow: A Feature Evaluation Yanan Zhu; Nazli Goharian
61  Extracting Implicit Features in Online Customer Reviews for Opinion Mining Yu Zhang; Weixiang Zhu
62 Partitioning RDF Exploiting Workload Information Rebeca Schroeder; Raqueline Penteado; Carmem Hara
63 Modeling Click; Relevance Relationship for Sponsored Search Wei Vivian Zhang; Ye Chen; Mitali Gupta; Swaraj Sett; Tak Yan
64 RESLVE: Leveraging User Interest to Improve Entity Disambiguation on Short Text Elizabeth Murnane; Bernhard Haslhofer; Carl Lagoze
65  Searching the Deep Web Using Proactive Phrase Queries Wensheng Wu; Tingting Zhong
66  Unsupervised Approach to Generate Informative Structured Snippets for Job Search Engines Nikita Spirin
67  Topical Organization of User Comments; Application to Content Recommendation Vidit Jain; Esther Galbrun
68  Learning to Recommend with Multi-Faceted Trust in Social Networks Lei Guo; Jun Ma; Zhumin Chen
69  Graded Relevance Ranking for Synonym Discovery Andrew Yates; Nazli Goharian; Ophir Frieder
70 Hidden View Game: Designing Human-based Computation Game to Update Maps; Street View Jong In Lee; John Kim; Kwan Hong Lee
71 Understanding election candidate approval ratings using social media data Danish Contractor; Tanveer Faruquie
72 Co-operative Content Adaptation Framework Ayush Dubey; Pradipta De; Kuntal Dey; Sumit Mittal; Vikas Agarwal; Malolan Chetlur; Sougata Mukherjea
73 Extracting the multilevel communities based on network structural; nonstructural information Xin Liu; Tsuyoshi Murata; Ken Wakita
74 Structural-Interaction Link Prediction in Microblogs Jia Yantao; Wang Yuanzhuo; Li Jingyuan
75 A Hybrid Approach for Spotting, Disambiguating; Annotating Places in User-Generated Text Karen Stepanyan; George Gkotsis; Vangelis Banos; Alexandra Cristea; Mike Joy
76 Fast anomaly detection despite the duplicates Jay Yoon Lee; U Kang; Danai Koutra; Christos Faloutsos
77 History-Aware Critiquing-Based Conversational Recommendation Yasser Salem; Jun Hong
78  Co-training; Visualizing Sentiment Evolvement for Tweet Events Shenghua Liu; Wenjun Zhu; Ning Xu; Xueqi Cheng; Yue Liu; Yuanzhuo Wang
79  Ranking Method Specialized for Content Descriptions of Classical Music Taku Kuribayashi; Yasuhito Asano; Masatoshi Yoshikawa
80  Towards a Development Process for Geospatial Information Retrieval and Search Dirk Ahlers
81  Cost-Effective Node Monitoring for Online Hot Event Detection in Sina Weibo Microblogging Kai Chen; Yi Zhou; Hongyuan Zha; Jianhua He; Pei Shen; Xiaokang Yang
82 Solving Electrical Networks to incorporate Supervision in Random Walks Mrinmaya Sachan; Dirk Hovy; Eduard Hovy
83 Optimization of Ads Allocation in Sponsored Search Valery Topinsky; Anna Sorokina; Alexey Chervonenkis
84 Searching for Interestingness in Wikipedia; Yahoo! Answers Yelena Mejova; Ilaria Bordino; Mounia Lalmas; Aristides Gionis
85 An Effective General Framework for Localized Content Optimization Yoshiyuki Inagaki; Yi Chang; Jiang Bian
86 A Click Model for Time-sensitive Queries Seung Eun Lee; Dongug Kim
87 Intent Classification of Voice Queries on Mobile Devices Subhabrata Mukherjee; Ashish Verma; Kenneth W Church
88 A Joint Optimization of Incrementality; Revenue to Satisfy both Advertiser; Publisher Dmitry Pechyony; Rosie Jones; Xiaojing Li
89 Recommendation for Online Social Feeds by Exploiting User Response Behavior Ping-Han Soh; Yu-Chieh Lin; Ming-Syan Chen
90 ASQ: Interactive Web Presentations for Hybrid MOOCs Vasileios Triglianos; Cesare Pautasso
91 Unfolding Dynamics in a Social Network: Co-evolution of Link Formation; User Interaction Zhi Yang; Jilong Xue; Xiaohan Zhao; Xiao Wang; Ben Y
92 HIGGINS: Knowledge Acquisition meets the Crowds Sarath Kumar Kondreddi; Peter Triantafillou; Gerhard Weikum
93 A Case-Based Analysis of the Effect of Offline Media on Online Conversion Actions Damir Vandic; Didier Nibbering; Flavius Frasincar
94 Fria: Fast; Robust Instance Alignment Sanghoon Lee; Jongwuk Lee; Seung-Won Hwang
95 Mining Emotions in Short Films: User Comments or Crowdsourcing? Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez; Ernesto Diaz-Aviles; Wolfgang Nejdl
96 Leveraging Geographical Metadata to Improve Search over Social Media Alexander Kotov; Yu Wang; Eugene Agichtein.
97 Place Value: Word Position Shifts Vital to Search Dynamics Rishiraj Saha Roy; Anusha Suresh; Niloy Ganguly; Monojit Choudhury
98 Information Current in Twitter: Which Brings Hot Events to the World Peilei Liu; Ting Wang; Jintao Tang
99 AELA: An Adaptive Entity Linking Approach Bianca Pereira; Nitish Aggarwal; Paul Buitelaar
100 Offering language based services on social media by identifying user’s preferred language(s) from romanized text Mitesh M Khapra; Salil Joshi; Ananthakrishnan Ramanathan; Karthik Visweswariah