Description of the WWW2013 Spaces

Hello and welcome to the venue of the WWW2013 Conference.

The conference will be held on five floors of the Windsor Barra hotel: First and Second Lower levels, Ground Floor, and First and Second floors.

Before describing the spaces, we would like to call your attention to seven general points:

Point One – Support Staff

The event has a staff of forty-five volunteers, all of whom speak English and one other language. They will be present in all event areas to help participants and some activities directly. You can count on them to assist you.

All of the rooms will have support receptionists controlling access who can also help with information.

The Windsor Barra hotel staff are also available to provide assistance with any information you may need on the hotel itself.

Point Two – Medical Assistance

On the second floor, in rooms One and Two is a Emergency Room prepared to handle medical problems. For more serious cases, the event will have an ICU ambulance to take patients to the nearest hospital.

Point Three – Elevators and Escalators

The four elevators for reaching the upper floors of the event have information in Braille. This is located on the elevator call panel by the “up” and “down” buttons and on the door frame – indicating the floor. The Braille notifications on the elevator door frames are only on the event floors; the guest floors do not have them. Inside the elevators, the Braille labels are to the left of the floor buttons. Be careful as the buttons are very sensitive, and you can accidentally activate more than one button. Braille labels will always be to the left of the buttons. The elevators come equipped with internal sound systems that indicate the floor where the elevator is stopping.

Take care with the escalators as they are not constantly moving. They only begin to move when a person is standing in front of them. In addition, their speed may be a little faster than expected.

Point Four – W4A Location

The W4A Collocated Conference, dedicated to Accessibility on the Web, will be held in the El Pardo Two room, on the second floor. Access to this room is only via the escalators or elevators. From the ground floor, there are two escalators flights to reach the second floor. Further below is a more complete explanation of how to reach this room.

Point Five – Principal Event Activities – Keynote Speakers

The Keynote Speakers addresses will be held on the Second Floor in the Segóvias rooms.

Point Six – Luggage Room

The Luggage room is located in the Second Floor Foyer and may be used by all event participants.

Point Seven – Simultaneous Interpretation

The event will have available simultaneous interpretation in only two event rooms. In the Ségovias, the Keynote Speakers addresses will be accompanied by simultaneous interpretation in Portuguese, and in the Alhambra One room, the Latin American activities will be accompanied by simultaneous interpretations in English. Headphones will be available from the receptionists at the room entrances.

Point Eight – Water

Throughout the event, water dispensers will be available in all hallways, except on the Second Lower level – where lunches will be served.

These are just a few points. Now, we will describe the event locations in a type of tour of the space.

The areas will be described separately by floor.

Ground Floor

This is where you will arrive at the event. The Ground Floor provides access to all other floors of the event, both lower and upper. On this floor, in addition to the Registration room and the Event Kit Stand, starting on May 15, there will be an Exposition area.

At the entrance to the Convention Center, using either the main entrance or the hotel lobby entrance, you will find Registration in the Chambord room, which is just a few meters after the escalators and to the left. There, we will have ten booths for registered event participants and one booth for those who have not yet registered. The first of the booths for registered participants provides preferential treatment. Here you will receive your event credentials and the event materials kit; you will not need to go to the Event Kit Stand.

The bathrooms are located to the side of the Chambord room. The first door is the ladies’ bathroom, and the second door is the men’s bathroom.

Facing the Chambord room, where you picked up your credential, are the Versailles One and Versailles Two rooms. These provide access to the Event Exposition area, which opens on May 15th. Their walls will be totally open for access to the exposition area.

A little further in front, forming an L shape are the Louvre rooms, One through Four, that will hold the Exposition. These rooms are also completely open and occupy practically the entire rear of this floor.

The Exposition space contains the sponsor stands, posters and demos, and some areas for relaxation and conversation: the lounge and pubs. In this space, beginning on May 15th, we will have coffee-breaks and after-lunch dessert. On the first two days of the event, coffee-breaks will be held near the activity rooms, and dessert will be served in the restaurant.

From the Ground Floor, you can access the First and Second floors via the elevators, which are located in front of the Hotel Reception desk, or via the escalators, which are at the entrance to the Hotel Convention Center.

To access the lower floors, you will need to go all the way down the hall that runs in front of the Registration and Exposition rooms. At the end of this hall, you will turn left. This hall is where you will find first the Hotel service elevator and then a ramp to the lower floors. We suggest taking the ramp. It is at the end of the hall, after the elevator. You will go through a door and turn right. There are two runs of ramp to arrive at the first lower level and two more runs of ramp to arrive at the second lower level.

First Lower level

The First Lower level has four lecture halls in this order: Queluz Three and Four, Queluz Two, Queluz Five and Six, and Queluz One and Seven.

Arriving by the ramp, you will enter the floor Foyer, which is a wide hall. The room entrances are all on the left-hand side.

Soon after the first entrance on the left, you will find a narrow hallway that accesses the bathrooms. To reach them, walk a few meters and turn left. The first door is the ladies’ bathroom, and the second door is the men’s bathroom.

The entrance to Queluz Three and Four is from the Foyer, the wide hall where you arrived. The entrance is on your left, after the narrow hallway to the bathrooms.

A little further on, on the left, you will find the entrance to Queluz Two.

Continuing down the Foyer, at the end of the Queluz Two wall, turn left and you will enter the small rectangular Hall with the entrance to Queluz Four and Five at the end.

Returning to the Foyer, at the end, on your left, is Queluz One and Seven. The entrance is near the small rectangular Hall.


Second Lower level

On the Second Lower level, lunch will be served in the Multi-use Area.

To access this floor, continue down two more runs of ramp or take the service elevator, which is just before the ramps.

If you take the ramps, you will go through the entrance door to this floor and find a hall that leads to the lunch area. Follow this hall a few meters and turn right to enter the Multi-use Area, where the event restaurant is located.

Taking the elevator, you will arrive directly at this hall. Leaving the elevator, turn left, and walk a few meters. The restaurant entrance will be on your right.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will find round tables that seat up to ten people each.

Lunch is self-service. The food will be available on tables spread around the room. Volunteers and receptionists can assist you with serving and seating, and waiters can provide information on the menu options.

Vegan, vegetarian, and special diet foods will be available at some of the tables.

The bathrooms for this floor are located near the Multi-use Area. Coming in through the entrance door, a little before the restaurant and on the right are the bathrooms. The first door is the ladies’ bathroom, and the second door is the men’s bathroom.


First Floor

The First Floor holds five conference rooms: Imperial, Liberdade, Alvorada One, Alvorada Two, and Itamaraty.

Access to this floor is only by the escalators or elevators. Both will take you to the First Floor Hall.

If you take the elevator, you will arrive at a small hall with four elevators, two on each side. Upon leaving this space, you will enter the floor’s main Hall.

Before this area, you will find the bathrooms. The first door is the ladies’ bathroom, and the second door is the men’s bathroom. Next to the bathrooms is the Hotel Business Center, which participants may use, if necessary, for a small fee payable to the Hotel.

Leaving the elevator hall, turn left and continue in this direction to access the Alvorada One, Alvorada Two, and Itamaraty conference rooms. If you continue walking a bit further in a straight line, you will reach the entrances to the Liberdade and Imperial rooms.

There is one escalator flight from the Ground Floor to the First Floor. Upon leaving the escalator, turn to the left and then left again. After a few steps, you will be at the small area which, by turning right accesses the Liberdade and Imperial rooms. In this case, you will walk down a hall, and the first room on the left is the Liberdade room. The Imperial room is at the end of the hall.

By turning left and walking a few meters, you will pass the elevator hall. Keep left to enter the Hall that accesses the Itamaraty, Alvorada One, and Alvorada Two rooms.

Entering the Hall, you will find the Itamaraty room in front.

To the left of the Itamaraty room is the Alvorada One room, and to the left of the Alvorada One room is the Alvorada Two room.

Second Floor

On the Second Floor you will find five conference rooms, where the main plenary will be held. The names of the rooms are Alhambra One, Alhambra Two, El Pardo One, El Pardo Two, and Segóvias, which comprises four open rooms forming a large auditorium for one thousand people and is where the Keynote Speaker addresses will be made.

This floor also holds the Emergency Room, the VIP Room, and the three-room Press Area, which includes a press support room, a press conference room, and a video recording studio with personalities present at the event.

In front of the escalators on this floor, you will find the Luggage Room, which is available to event participants.

Access to this floor is via two flights of escalator from the Ground Floor and via the elevators. Both will take you to the Second Floor Hall. The elevators and escalators are located side-by-side, just as on the First Floor.

At the front of this area, you will find the bathrooms. The first door is the ladies’ bathroom, and the second door is the men’s bathroom.

Arriving via either the elevators or escalators, you will find rooms to your right and left.

Turning left and walking to the end of the Hall, you will find the Oriente Terrace. You can enter this area by walking through the doors into a large and pleasant open area.

Before the doors to the Oriente Terrace is the Small Hall. Coming from the elevators and escalators and arriving at the Small Hall, turn left and enter a small hallway to access the following rooms: El Pardo One, Rooms One and Two (where you will find the Emergency Room), and the Oriente room, which is the VIP area.

The El Pardo One room is at the end of this hallway.

Turning right before you reach the El Pardo One room, you will find the Emergency Room down a narrow hallway. The Emergency Room is set up in rooms One and Two.

Passing the Emergency Room and walking down the narrow hallway, you will find the VIP area in the Oriente room.

Now, let’s describe the rooms to the right of the elevators and escalators.

Directly in front of the escalators, you will find the Luggage Room.

Leaving the escalators, turn right, walk a few meters, and turn right again to access a wide hall. At the end of this hall you will find the entrance to El Pardo Two.

If, instead of turning right toward the El Pardo Two room, you leave the escalator, turn right, and continue straight, you will find another wide hall, which the Hotel calls the Foyer. This provides access to the other rooms on this floor. These rooms are located on both the left and right sides of the Foyer.

The first rooms on the left are the Press Complex, located in the Alcazar, Aranjuez, and Escorial rooms. These three rooms are side-by-side and have distinct sizes. The Alcazar room holds a video studio, the Aranjuez room is for press conferences, and the Escorial room is the Press Room.

Passing the Press Complex, immediately after the last room, the Escorial room, is the Alhambra Terrace, an area for smokers, as inside the Hotel smoking is not permitted. This terrace is smaller than the Oriente Terrace.

The rooms on the right side of this hall are the Alhambra Two and Alhambra One rooms, in that order.

At the end of this hall, you will find the Segóvias room, where the main plenaries will be held. This is the largest event space and comprises four rooms that form a large auditorium.

And so, we end our tour of the Windsor Barra Hotel conference spaces where the principal world conference on the web, the WWW2013, will be held.

We wish you a wonderful event, and please do not hesitate to contact one of our team to assist if you need.


Local Organization – WWW2013

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil