WWW 2013 Practice and Experience Track Call for Papers - full details can be found at
The Practice and Experience track solicits high quality papers reporting on practical issues and experiences encountered in applying novel research results and methods in developing and deploying web-scale applications (commercial or academic), and in the use of real-world web-scale data for business insights and for user experience. Articles should be written in a scientific rather than sales style if a product is described. Demonstrations (when appropriate) are encouraged as part of the submission (via a URL to the actual system or a recording of its use). Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following (all cases refer to Large-scale systems/applications and Big Data):

Mobile, multi-screen, and multimedia applications Methodologies and insights from controlled experiments User modeling, personalization, privacy and anonymization Emerging markets and accessibility (web access beyond the first billion) Crowdsourcing and human computation Entity extraction, and knowledge building Computational advertising Batch and on-line processing and modeling Interactive visualization and monitoring Data-driven journalism, medicine, and finance User studies, ethnographic studies, and evaluation Personal information management Engagement metrics and economic models The web and the real world (online and offline behavior, Web Science, etc.) Search in novel domains and new search paradigms Experiences in developing, and using open source software Participatory platforms and grass-roots movements (e.g., citizen journalism, lobbying, etc.) Adversarial challenges (denial of service attacks, spoofing, spam, cloaking, etc.) Enterprise-specific deployments and systems Distributed computing and platforms Start-up experiences in developing, deploying, and scaling Insights and Business intelligence Applications in all areas (education, entertainment and games, politics, social media, etc.)

Important Dates

Abstract submission: Monday, November 19th, 2012 (23:59 Hawaii Standard Time) Full paper submission: Monday, November 26th, 2012 (23:59 Hawaii Standard Time) Paper notifications: Friday, February 8th, 2013 Chairs Alejandro (Alex) Jaimes, Yahoo! Labs – Spain Haixun Wang, MSR – China