WWW2013 – 3 rd Newsletter – November 26th.


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1      Papers abstracts submission is closed. See the figures

2      Workshops submission deadline is tomorrow!

3      Game: new challenge available

4     W3C is the new Conference Partner

1 –  There were a great number of abstracts submitted


WWW2013 had 1198 papers abstracts submitted. Social Networks and Graph Analysis had the most submissions (232); followed by Web Mining (145), Behavioral Analysis and Personalization (126), Search Systems and Applications (107) and Security, Privacy, Trust and Abuse (100). Content Analysis had 93 submissions, Content Analysis had 89, User Interfaces, Human Factors, and Smart Devices and Web Engineering had 69, Bringing Unstructured and Structured Data Together had 66, Internet Monetization and Incentives had 61 and Software Infrastructure and Their Performance, Scalability and Availability had 41.

2285 authors submitted Papers; most of them are from the United States, which had 1010. China had 426 authors, followed by Germany (186), India (143), Brazil (162), United Kingdom (133), Japan (70), France (87) and Canada (68).

2 - Workshops submission deadline, stay tuned for those dates!


Workshop proposal submission deadline: Nov 28th 2012

Acceptance notification: Dec 21st 2012

Workshops dates: 13th and/or 14th May 2013

3 -  Another phase of the game is available, join us!

Report of the case 2

Atlas’ electronic signature was identified in all recovered files. There is no doubt: Atlas was somehow behind the action to delete the files.

The main question remains: How could Atlas have attacked the network if he was under Agent Salinger’s custody? Warning: Atlas has disappeared en route to HQ. Agent Paul Salinger, who was in charge of his custody, has notified us.

Starting the case 3

With the data we recovered from Atlas' previous attack, the agency has noticed that important documents about the digital inclusion are missing. The documents disappeared without a trace after a series of unauthorized access to servers around the world.
We believe the destination of this documents may lead us to the people in charge of it. For this reason, you are now assigned to discover the route this important memo has taken and locate its final destination.
Please help them solve this case. Access http://www.saferplace.org/ and join the team of agents.

4 - W3C is the new Conference Partner

WWW2013 is pleases to announce W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)  as the new Conference Partner. W3C team will offer tutorials, special track and activities. Thus, keeping its tradition of offering the best in web standards. Marie-Claire Forgue is the W3C’s track chair.

More information visit the website: www2013.org


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